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SMH Hardware & IT Service Guidelines


SMH Electronics, Co. Inc, stands behind the quality of its work. However, due to the nature of computers and their many different configurations, it is important to be aware of some of the issues that may arise as a result of maintenance, upgrading, data transfer or data recovery.


Therefore, please bear in mind the following guidelines:


1. When new hardware components/software/programs are added to an existing or new system there may be an incompatibility between the devices. Should this occur an alternative device may be available but, in some cases there may be no solution for the existing hardware/software configuration. Should it be determined that no solution is attainable or data has been deemed lost, all labor incurred up to this point by an SMH technician will be billable.


2. Regarding Data Recovery if needed: We estimate an average of 6-8 hours for Data Recovery attempts. Data may or may not be recoverable. SMH does not guarantee 100% yield on any type of Data Recovery.


3. Installing additional software can also bring about incompatibilities with either other programs or with the hardware it is running on. The problems may not always surface upon installation and the symptoms can take many forms. The chances of such issues arising will be minimized by SMH staff conducting research on the Internet and/or the use of manufacturer software/firmware updates. This is however limited by the information provided by the manufacturer and/or customer. If any follow up work is needed at the customer site after a depot (in-house at SMH) service has been performed for Data Transfer/Recovery, work will be billable as a schedule on-site where rates will be quoted and require approval by customer first.


4. In all circumstances it is desirable to have the software available for the programs installed on the computer. This includes the operating system and any serial numbers or CD key codes. In accordance with software licensing agreements SMH cannot install any software for which there is no license available.


5. It is generally accepted practice that any computer with important data is running a suitable anti-virus product with virus definitions updated at least monthly, as well as a regular backup procedure conducted by the customer. SMH is not responsible for lost data when Customer has not had an adequate backup when we attempt to perform data recovery/transfer. This would apply when transferring program/data files from one piece of equipment to another as in the case of Server upgrades or repair.


6. Where custom written or specialty software is being used it is essential that the software writers/suppliers are consulted and/or contracted to meet any requirements prior to any servicing being undertaken by SMH. This is especially appropriate where the operating system is being changed or altered.


7. Every effort will be made to give accurate time frames for labor charge estimates. However, due to the variable and complex nature of computer configurations, time requirements can change dramatically. Should complications arise we will bring this to the attention of the client, and obtain approval prior to proceeding with additional labor.


In no event is SMH to be held liable to customer for loss of profits or other economic loss, whether direct or indirect, including without limitation, special, consequential or other similar damages, arising out of this service.


I have read & understand the Service Guidelines and Responsibilities, and I accept the terms put forth in both.


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