SMH WordleSMH is here for all of your IT support services. Whether you are a residential or commercial client we provide the all the quality services you require with our A+ Certified Technicians.

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 iStock_000005597569XSmall-300x199 Depot Repair:We are a leading provider of high quality repair and refurbishment services to the electronics industry. Our company was founded on the concept of component level, depot repair and refurbishment for high tech industries.

Small Business Service:

A great cost effective way to manage your IT budget – Let us be your IT Department! We can handle your server administration, desktop support, IT strategy, purchasing, and assist in budgeting with our Open PO program.

CTERA-product-family ctera_logo Hybrid Data Protection:Managed Cloud-Based Storage and Data Protection Services.
stock-photo-18769135-it-engineers-in-network-server-room IT Staff Support:Is your IT staff overwhelmed? SMH is here to assist your inhouse staff with any repair or maintenance of your systems.
 12.04.04 Website Vendor List 2 iStock_000016001274_ExtraSmall Residential Service:Let our technicians assist you with any of your technology questions or needs. From repairing your laptop, desktop computer, monitor or printer to removing viruses – our technicians will assist you in all of your electronic needs.


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