It is here, the end of the summer and all too shortly the end of the third quarter for your business. It is now that we all should take a good long look at what the year has developed into. Did you reach your goals? There is still time to accomplish those items you have been procrastinating about and finish the year off with some checks in that done column.

September is also the time when you should be planning you next meeting with your Accountant. Review your finances and make adjustments where necessary to reduce your tax burden before the end of the year. Is there a profit that you would like to offset with equipment purchase? Now is the time to plan for any system upgrades.
Keep your IT administrator in the loop with any thoughts of upgrading software and whether it is compatible with your hardware or not.

Technology is always moving forward and recently we have found that many companies still working with software designed for use on Microsoft XP operating systems are having difficulty replacing these systems because XP is no longer available for purchase and their older software does not run on Windows 7. We are also facing compatibility issues if you are running an operating system built on a newer 64-bit platform and the software is designed for a 32-bit platform. All of these issues and questions should be reviewed with your IT support person to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.Not sure of about all of the issues related to your IT systems? Contact us at SMH Electronics (508-291-7447 or by email for a full review of your systems and a cost effective plan to remain current with all of the changes in technology.