How much can I expect to pay for your services?

SMH Electronics services are very competitive. We customize our services to meet your unique needs. We offer a number of choices for your specific support needs.

Fee Based services are always an option if you have a one time need for a repair. Any repair requires a small diagnostic fee which is then credited to your repair. Required repairs are diagnosed by the technician and you are contacted with the cost of the repair including any parts needed before the repair is completed. You may then decide to proceed with the repair or not.

The Open Purchase Order Agreement option is designed to assist clients to better manage their IT service budgets. A prepayment is made in advance of an amount agreed upon between SMH and the client. SMH will then work off that total until it is depleted. This agreement can be replenished when needed. There is no expiration date to an Open Purchase Order Agreement. Amounts remain in effect from year to year, so there is no loss of funds for the client if not used with a specific time period. This prepayment agreement guarantees a 24-hour response time for service.

Equipment Maintenance Agreement option is designed to ensure the proper maintenance and repair of your equipment. Each specific machine is put under contract for any service or repair required per year. This prepayment agreement guarantees a 24-hour response time for service, it does not include any consumables.

Most All Covered clients begin with a comprehensive Network Assessment to determine the reliability and stability of their computing environment. The results of the Network Assessment help determine how we can help you resolve the amount of ongoing monthly care your network requires.

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