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SMH Electronics services most Ikegami Models. Our expert service technicians can assist you with all of your Ikegami Medical Monitor repair problems with a functional economical solution. If you have a time sensitive situation and you need to expedite the repair contact our customer service manager by calling 1-866-661-4764 and she will assist you with all of your concerns.

What makes SMH Electronics the better solution for your repair needs?


  • Each Medical Monitor we receive is quickly evaluated and diagnosed by a certified technician
  • You are contacted in a timely manner prior to the final repair to ensure your approval of the cost
  • Expedited Repair Service is available for your convenience and in most cases can be completed in as little as a 24 hour turnaround time.


Contact Us Today, to discuss your repair options


Our customer service manager is prepared to assist you at info@smhelectronics.com or call toll free 1-866-661-4764.

Below is a partial list of Ikegami models that we service. If you do not see the model you have in question please contact us to evaluate the model for repair. There are many models and manufacturers that we have and do work with that may not be listed here. Contact us for more information.

Ikegami Model Numbers

CDE165VAEV1 CT20A MLD-2130M PM909
CDE165VB CT20D MLM-1582C PM95A
CDM2010 CT20HA MLM-1810C QM20S
CDM2010A CT20HB MLM-1910C TM109RH
CDM2020A CT20V MLM-1910C TM1410RH
CDM2020FF1 DM2010 MLM-1911CHA TM1416R
CDM2060MA1 DM2010A MLM-2020C TM149HRC
CDM2060MC1 DM2010AD MLW-1212C TM2010RH
CDM2060MC2 DM2020A MLW-2422C TM2016R
CDM2062AG1 DM2030LP MLW-2425C TM208R
CF17A DM371H MLW-2622C TM208RH
CN20 DM516HA MLW-2625C TM209RHC
CN20A MDM2120 MLW-3225C
CT20 MLD-1810M PM179



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