HYBRID DATA PROTECTION Managed Cloud-Based Storage and Data Protection Services

The All-in-One Storage Solution for SMBs

While many small businesses have big IT requirements, bordering on enterprise-grade in some cases, they are constrained by tight budgets and a shortage of in-house IT personnel. When it comes to storage and data protection, they face an impossible choice between overpriced enterprise solutions and cheap but inadequate consumer-level solutions.

All-in-One Solution

Local & Cloud Backup

Easy to Use and Manage

Combines backup, NAS, cloud sync and mobile collaboration in a single solution at significantly lower cost than equivalent separate solutions. Back up your servers, desktops and laptops both locally and to the cloud, get fast local recovery with off-site redundancy in case of a local disaster. Access your CTERA appliance and cloud files anywhere using a web browser. Restore backups, view and share files, even from your mobile device.

CTERA-product-familyCTERA’s innovative cloud-integrated solution provides local NAS, backup agents for servers, desktops and laptops, remote cloud backup, file synchronization and mobile collaboration, all in a single tightly integrated product, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional disparate solutions.


Benefit from the Cloud, but Keep It Local

CTERA combines hardware appliances, small footprint software agents and cloud storage services to deliver a seamless user experience that feels local but delivers the flexibility, file sharing and off-site disaster recovery capabilities of the cloud. Using advanced de-duplication and compression technologies, CTERA ensures speedy data transfer to and from the cloud.

With CTERA you can:

  • Store, back up and share files locally using NAS protocols (CIFS, NFS, AFP)
  • Back up and restore files and full disk images on servers, desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Back up and restore your Microsoft Exchange, including single-mailbox recovery
  • Back up and sync files to the cloud, maintaining multiple snapshots
  • Share files in the cloud and on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android)

CTERA replaces in a single solution:

  • NAS appliances, file servers, tape drives
  • Backup software for servers, desktops, and laptops
  • Online backup services
  • Off-site tape vaulting services
  • Cloud-based folder synchronization and mobile file access services

CTERA Brochure

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Phone: 508.291.7447 Fax: 508.291.7449