Fuji Medical Monitors

Fuji Medical Monitors

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SMH Electronics services most Fuji Models. Our expert service technicians can assist you with all of your Fuji Medical Monitor repair problems with a functional economical solution. If you have a time sensitive situation and you need to expedite the repair contact our customer service manager by calling 1-866-661-4764 and she will assist you with all of your concerns.

What makes SMH Electronics the better solution for your repair needs?

·         Each Medical Monitor we receive is quickly evaluated and diagnosed by a certified technician
·         You are contacted in a timely manner prior to the final repair to ensure your approval of the cost
·         Expedited Repair Service is available for your convenience and in most cases can be completed in as little as a 24 hour turnaround time.

Contact Us Today, to discuss your repair options

Our customer service manager is prepared to assist you at info@smhelectronics.com or call toll free 1-866-661-4764.

Below is a partial list of Fuji models that we service. If you do not see the model you have in question please contact us to evaluate the model for repair. There are many models and manufacturers that we have and do work with that may not be listed here. Contact us for more information.


Fuji Model Numbers


A50L-0001-0096/A UG220H-SC4 UG330H-VS4
NO10-0554-X122-01 UG220H-SC4 UG43H-SS1
NO10-1301-X131/01 UG221H-SC4 UG530H-SS4
PJE2013A UG221H-SR4 UG530H-VH1
S808CD UG221H-TC4 UG530H-VH4
UC3844AD UG221H-TC4 UG530H-VS1
UG220H-SC4 UG3200H-VS4 V808CD
UG220H-SC4 UG330H-SC4 V810C


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