What is your definition of a small to medium-sized business? Is my business too small? Is my business too large?

SMH Electronics does service all size businesses depending on their need. For larger businesses we augment their own IT departments with our depot repair service.

For those businesses that have 10 to 250 computers per office or location, IT services come down to efficiency, reliability and quality. Ask yourself: Does it make sense for my business to employ a full time in-house IT person(s) or would it be more cost-effective to have an IT service partner provide these capabilities?

Are your technology needs great enough to warrant having full-time staff? Can your in-house staff stay knowledgeable on the wide range of technology used in your business today and needed tomorrow? Can your business attract and retain a high level technical professional who can handle all of your computer and network support needs?


Most small to medium-sized businesses do not need a full-time, in-house IT professional. However, they do need a wide range of technology expertise that no single in-house person or small staff is to accommodate. For those companies, using a reliable, skilled IT services partner like All Covered is the right business choice. Contact us today to discuss your business technology support requirements

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