Component Level Repair

SMH Electronics Co., Inc., provides you with prompt, personal attention from an A+ certified technical staff. We are skilled in the repair of any defective computer part or peripheral.
SMH offers flat rate pricing and warranty coverage to ensure maximum mileage on all replaced components.

What is Component Level Repair?canstock1314648_0.jpg

Each part of your computer consists of many smaller components. Your computers’ monitor, for example, will contain small components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and diodes. Most of the time these components will be stored inside integrated circuits.
When your monitor fails, it may be perfectly healthy — except for one small capacitor. That capacitor might cost less than a dollar. Moreover, that capacitor can be replaced in about fifteen minutes – returning your monitor to full health. The difficulty is that component level diagnosis is very difficult, it can take hours of testing to determine which components need to be replaced.

What is System Level Repair?

System level repair mostly involves determining which computer part has failed and replacing that part. In this context, the parts of a computer are items such as: Motherboard, Monitor, Hard drive, DVD drive, or Video card. System level repair usually involves replacing parts until the system functions properly, and then putting the good parts back into the system.
Some system problems are the result not of failed parts, but of improper connections between parts. In those situations, the computer can be rebuilt using the original parts and it will function perfectly.


  • Efficient 7-10 Day Turn Around
  • Extended Post Warranty Plan
  • Expedite Repair Options
  • Rush Order Processing Available
  • Personalized Service


  • Repair of All Major Manufacturers, such as Brother, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, LG Electronics, Okidata,Tektronix, and many others.
  • Maximize Life Expectancy of Equipment
  • Quick Response
  • National Coverage
  • Personalized Service


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